First Snow

St. Paul is getting its first snow of the season. This is the High Bridge coming out of downtown and crossing the Mississippi. Normally, you can see the skyline and cathedral in the background.



O Christmas Tree









Today I’m on a quest to find ornaments to decorate our Christmas Tree.  I’m changing the way we decorate this year, and I have an idea in mind, but it remains to be seen if I can find just the right ornaments.  I know it’s early, but my son is coming home next week for Thanksgiving and I want to have the house decorated for him.  So…off I go on my quest.  Maybe I will play some Christmas music to get in the mood.

Happy Birthday, Mom










Today is my mother’s 75th birthday.  She has had to put up with a lot throughout her life.  She’s dealt with the loss of her only son, the divorces of her three daughters, and many health scares from my father.  She’s had surgeries and broken bones, far too many to count.   I tease my father that he needs to wrap her in bubble wrap now.  But through all this, she has remained grounded in her faith, dedicated to her spouse and children, and a beautiful woman…inside and out.  I love you mom. Happy Birthday.

I chose this picture because it is my favorite family photo.  The typical 60’s nuclear family.  If you’re wondering…that’s me on my mom’s lap.  All of 6 months old I believe.

Changing Times










I did a photo series on playgrounds a year or so ago.  I specifically searched out the playgrounds of my youth, you know, the kinds with rusty metal and peeling lead paint.  Believe it or not, they still exist…although very hard to find.  I find them somewhat surreal, yet very beautiful.  Maybe it’s because they remind me of my youth.  Maybe it’s because they have character that the molded plastic play pieces of today lack.  Either way, rusty metal and lead paint aside, we loved them.  And survived to tell about it.

Simple Dog

20111110-092633.jpgThis is our girl, Bandit.  We lovingly call her “simple dog” in reference to a web comic our daughter reads.  Bandit is an Australian Cattle Dog/Jack Russell Terrier mix who is almost 7 months old.  She is far from simple, in fact, she is too smart for her own good most of the time.  For example…our terrier, Wolfie, has a sweater.  Being a small dog, he gets cold easily.  Bandit was actually jealous when it turned cold and we put Wolfie’s sweater on.  She would bark, whine, and try to pull it off of him.  So…being the good doggy parents we are, we went out and bought Bandit a sweater.  It’s light grey with pink bows and ruffles.  We put in on her and she was in heaven…and she didn’t bother Wolfie and his sweater anymore.  Go figure.  Anyway…the reason Bandit is the subject of my post today is what happened this morning.  We woke up to clouds and flurries.  The dogs went out and Bandit realized something was falling from the sky.  She stood staring up at the sky, confused at what was falling on her head.  Once they came inside, she took her usual lookout post on the back of the couch (as in the picture) and proceeded to growl and bark at the flurries.  We live in Minnesota.  Here’s to hoping she gets used to the white stuff…and soon.  If not, it’s going to be a looooong winter.  Gotta love my simple dog.


My Space

This is my space. It’s where I create. Sometimes it’s masterpieces, sometimes it’s messes. But it’s mine. It may look like a 100 year old attic, but it’s more than that. It has great light through dormer windows that look down onto the street. It has floors that don’t mind a little paint splattered here and there. It’s quiet. Secluded.  It’s my studio.  It’s my space.