Today is Magnus’ 4th birthday.  When we got him, he was a scrawny little kitten who had a big name to live up to.  He has since matured into a beautiful cat, one with “cattitude” and a healthy dose of ornery.  He puts up with two crazy dogs and teenagers, and yet still manages to keep his house under control.  He is the king of the castle, and he won’t let anyone forget it.  Happy Birthday Mags.




The Red Mouse







Our cat, Magnus, had a red catnip mouse for the longest time.  He would actually carry it around in his mouth all over the house and play with it constantly.  When we moved, the red mouse was in his carrier with him.  Not long after we got settled in, the red mouse disappeared.  We looked everywhere for it.  About a year later, our youngest daughter went on a quest to once again find the red mouse, since Magnus would not have anything to do with any other catnip mouse.  She was successful in finding the mouse…behind the stove of all places.  Magnus was so happy!  I spent the afternoon shooting him playing with his beloved mouse.  Sadly, the mouse met his demise in our next move to St. Paul.  He was deconstructed by our terrier.  I know Magnus misses his red mouse.  He really doesn’t play with any other toys we give him.  It’s not the same.