The Cave



Lilydale Brickyard Kiln

Nestled into the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River lie the remains of a kiln used by the Twin Cities Brick Company from 1894 to the 1970’s.  This kiln is usually fenced off to the public, however, over the Thanksgiving weekend someone had torn the fence down.  Perfect opportunity!  I love how the kiln has become part of the bluff, with bricks intertwining with roots from trees.  Directly behind this kiln is a sandstone cave that is now home to bats.  There is an eerie feeling at this site and the surrounding caves that exist all along the bluff.  Some say they are haunted.  I did not see or capture anything other than what I intended to capture, which was this kiln.  It did become an iPhone series rather than shooting with my DSLR. As soon as I turned on my Canon, it went blank.  None of my settings would work and I couldn’t access my card images from earlier.  Battery was charged when I left home, as it always is when I know I’m going to shoot.  So…I shot these images with my iPhone.  Weird thing is, when I got home the Canon worked just fine.  Just another in a long series of unexplained adventures whilst shooting.  Maybe I should stick to wildlife.