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Doggy Boxing








Well…I’ve spent the majority of the day acquiring items and assembling said items into my daughters Halloween costume.  I finally sat down and realized I’ve not posted anything to my blog today.  Yikes!  I decided to post one of my favorite pictures of my dogs.  Now this is not a museum quality photo mind you, but the emotion in it is hilarious (at least to me).  Bandit and Wolfie love to wrestle and run around the yard.  Anyone who didn’t know them would think they were fighting like junkyard dogs.  But the truth is, they barely close their mouths hard enough on each other to even hold on, much less inflict harm.  I just happened to be testing out my new PS camera when I caught this shot.  It’s almost as if Wolfie suddenly realizes he’s about to be taken out by a sharp right hook paw from Bandit.  His expression made me laugh.  Hopefully it will give you a smile as well.  Enjoy your Saturday night.

(No dogs were harmed in the making of this post  😉 )


This is Bandit and Wolfie. As you can see, the two of them together are trouble. They are always finding things to destroy. Bandit, the 6 month old pup, is usually the ringleader in such escapades. Wolfie, who is 2 and should know better, happily participates most of the time. This being said, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.